a little background and the tracks

cryptic nature - koos After being an active songwriter, bassist, guitarist and vocalist in several bands I thought it was time to try out something radical: To create a Rock Opera on my own – from the writing and recording (and playing all  instruments myself) all the way to mixing and mastering the project – and find out if I could pull off something of this magnitude…

As it turned out it became a road littered with bumps and potholes, successes and falling flat on my face at times only to pick up the pieces and boldly continue – learning from the mistakes I’ve made – eventually finishing the whole thing.

Creatively and technically it is the accumulation of all my skills – composing arranging performing Sound designing mixing and mastering – and it has been a journey during which I’ve improved on my know-how, learned a lot of new things got to know some wonderful people along the way!

Band:   Koos Thönissen – Guitars, Synths, Basses & Fretless Bass, Mandolin, Percussion, Vibra Slap, Didgeridoo, Skull Drums & Soundscapes.
Guest musicians – Jeroen van den Biggelaar : Lead guitar on Certamen Ultimus, Ron van Rhee : Flutes on Consulting Serna.

Vocals: Sascha Burchardt as Pandor, Emmelie van Deurzen as Tayla, Jacqueline van Elsbergen as Serna, Cathy van der Valk as Ieeryah. Koos Thönissen as Nebucor, Krolok, Oomat & the Sage.
Backing vocals by Emmelie van Deurzen, Anita Alberts & Koos Thönissen.
Special appearance by Huw Lloyd Jones as Teelon.
Narration by Ian Jillings.


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