As the Molgar are roaming the land and killing every single animal they find, they cross paths with the Dragon Ieeryah who has just enough time to hide her egg from the ruthless murderers. In the fight that ensues she manages to lead the Molgar away from her offspring but she herself gets mortally wounded by a stab from the enemy’s long sword. Her last words are addressed to her unborn child…





Dear child, my life here ends this day,

the minions of darkness have so ordained.

How it saddens me to never lay eyes on you,

how does it hurt not being able to raise you and care for you,

my last tears I shed for you

Know in your heart that I love you and feel my spirit ever watching over you.


My child, in these final moments I see your future unfold before me

and what I see fills my soul with happiness and pride.

You will have many great deeds to your name,

and your name, it shall be Pandor – bringer of light and peace –

it will be known to all who inhabit this world.


Child, do not give up on hope. Not ever.

Cherish the divine gift of life.

And until we are all reunited in the great hereafter I bid thee farewell….

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