After witnessing the complete and utter obliteration of what was once the great city of Gol Matoo, Oomat – Military chief in Command – ignites into a rage. Holding the Dragons responsible, his passionate speeches incite the Molgar population to start an all out war against the creatures living on the surface : Nothing shall be spared.






The slaughter of our folk a filthy treachery.

The flying demon’s call preceded misery.

Upon this foul act we must retaliate.

The life above we now will simply decimate.



Caelan  arising – destroying their precious homes.

Death to the beast – In darkness we shall march.

Thirsty for blood   – We colour the surface red.

Strike with a vengeance – Once we’re done they all will be gone.


From the north out of the sky, descending on our land.

Invading force they came below,  our city had to fall.

Breathing death into the caves,  a sea of flame destroys.

Gol Matoo forever gone,  a burning crypt we face.

Suffer loss the pain it screams, tears apart our souls.

In rage and horror witnessing, destruction so complete.

Bodies mutilated lie, charred and crushed below.

Ael Hathor it shall reply  , a call to arms is sent.


We’ll march upon our enemy with steady stride.

Bred worker-warriors we only will abide.

By laws that tell us ours to gain is ours to rule.

And utilizing well this here our given tool.


Us keepers of the earth we’ll set its forces free.

A rain of rock and fire is the last they’ll see.

This mighty war machine at full capacity,

Will run to shape the world, as it’s supposed  to be:

From the inner core, We’ll march the canyon floor

In darkness we arrive, To punish those alive




From the inner core,  We’ll march the canyon floor.

In darkness we arrive,  to punish those alive.

Destruction we shall bring,  on surface-living thing.

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