The Molgar,  illusive, hostile and living underground, are a race of miners. They have built entire cities deep within the earth’s crust and form an industrial society. The fact that their exploits destroy much of the surface environment does not concern them in any way. Their main goal is to ever expand their Empire and harvest the world’s natural treasures and resources.




Krolok :

So deep below the unforgiving land, The massive pounding beat is ever felt.

Of mighty moving burrowing Machines, Their sharp and hungry teeth eating away,

By crushing solid Rock face we’ll proceed, as done so by the clans in years and years gone by


From deep inside the earth do we command, To alter shape and form to our will

Volcanoes fire, channel out our waste, new space created to accommodate

Expanding cities, tunnel systems make, An empire submerged in giant

Caves we’ve built


Industrial nation’s advance  – Perpetual growth it demands

Machines run continuously – Consuming, relocate, proceed.

Our dealings kept to us alone – We harvest the world which we own.


The days eye we don’t ever get to see, It’s detrimental blinding light it keeps

Us locked away until the night arrives, Then hunt begins to challenge those outside.

Mephitic surface dwellers we despise, The Dregan beast, the Isean creature soil our realm.


We are the Masters of the inner world, Reshape the planet’s face as we desire.

No one would dare oppose our mighty force , Such act would suffer grave defeat.

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