4. Glynyd

4. Glynyd


The sun rises over the outstretched green pastures and forests of Glynyd. Among the various creatures who live here are the Unicorns. They greet the new day with reverence and joy, as they are on their way to graze in the meadows.




Teelon :

Dawn arrives, upon the plain, we greet the morning.

The summer dew, the early haze, from the forest we’ll emerge.

This day awakes, it’s warm embrace, gently waves the branches.

The air a sweet, lavender scent, and the sun takes to the sky.


To all of us, who walk this earth, and soar the heavens.

All around, the pulse of life, beats a drum of wealth and joy.

As we face, another day, oh blessed and rich.

Free to range, the woods and fields, of this wondrous world we share.


Walking as one, see us give love and care.

Pure of heart, strong-willed and fair.

Single horn, our crown, a message to all:

Come times of need we’ll answer your call.


From time of old unto this day, we’re known the healers.

A race benign with a gift divine to alleviate all pain.

Trust we’ve gained, don’t step away from the weak and helpless.

Of noble breed, our acts indeed give solace far and wide.

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