After winning the final battle it is time for all to start rebuilding and restoring everything  that was destroyed in the years of darkness. Any reminder of the Molgar occupation are removed and the wounded are cared for, the Unicorn’s knowledge of herbs ensure a rapid recovery in most cases. The spring rains have washed away the ash and dirt, leaving  fertile soil to be warmed by the life giving sun. Plants are emerging and within the blink of an eye the earth is once more flourishing with a lush veil of vegetation, colour and scents.




Pandor ;

Returning to once our home, torn down and destroyed by war.

Featureless foreboding landscape, make way as a new age illuminate

Tayla ;

Here we are, one, and step forward today, intent on leading the way.

Released from decades of oppression we stand, fast in our beliefs.

Pandor ;

Learning from past mistakes, an insight paid in blood and tears.

Communication not turning away make this a healthy working society.

Free from the veil of darkness, the land in time will regain its life.

Rejoin what has been broken, new bonds are forged to hold.

Tayla ;

True love has brought together, two hearts forever beating as one.

Love’s magic it never surrendered, and came out as strong as ever before.

Pandor ;

Care for the land and care for each other, a peaceful way to co-exist.

Mistrust and days of anguish, are things of a past soon to forget.


Chains no longer hold us down, here we stand set free

Freedom smiles upon us all, now that we’ve made peace


Once again now we shall soar, Ride the winds of change

Behold friends pass yonder gorge, proudly stride the lands


Restore locations lost – share the load together – As we heal the world

Dark times we’ll soon forget – Leave it all behind – As we heal the world

Face forward from here on – Turn and face the future – As we heal this world

Grey ash washed away – Watch the rain come down – As it cleans the world

Sunshine warm and bright – The vegetation grows – In a reborn world

Once more the light reveals – A multitude of colours – Of a world made whole

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