Strengthened by Serna’s words of advice, Pandor feels confident He can lead the Dragons and end the Molgar’s reign of terror once and for all. With Tayla ever at his side and an army of thousands behind them, the final battle is about to take place.





If the only way to make them see …… is war

Our objective hails from the southern desert floor

The netherworld has to be driven back

From this day forth no one has to fear the shadows, they’ll be gone


High we fly on wings of hope and destiny

A  force unseen in years united closing in

Upon the enemies’ stronghold we gaze

Moving in to finish off the ones accountable for years of suffering.


Seeking out the root of evil, have it stand accused

Punishment is due for those whose deeds have scarred us all

Fight for freedom, fight for peace, a life deprived of pain

In the light respect and love will shape a reborn world


Engaged in battle’s horrid scenes of death and loss

Hard we strike, the second wave makes a final turn

Acting fast, through claw and flame released

The scourge of justice lashing out to cleanse a bitter darkened realm


Chorus :


Evil slain,  Freedom at last

A price to be paid,  The grim face of  war

Sad remains, Tell us now :

See and learn,  Learn to see

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