Intimidated by the sheer scope of what is expected of him, a doubtful Pandor seeks counsel from Serna. She feels his anguish but also knows that this is the path Pandor has to follow. Her wisdom and soothing words make Pandor accept the inevitable and put his mind to rest, finding strength to move on and fulfil the ancient prophecy.





Mother please enlighten me, a heavy heart carries me tonight;

How troubled souls can lay all hope upon just one to make things right?

Years of darkness have made them yearn for words of old becoming true

So desperate …..  they  believe…

So great the challenge to lead them on towards a future ambiguous

How many lives will there be lost in seeking truce on battlegrounds

Have I the right to sacrifice, am I the one to send them out

To fight a war ….. to die for me?


The choice to lead in troubled times, is not for the chosen to agree.

It’s never open to debate, but commissioned by mere twist of fate.

A modest soul allowed to grow and change the course of history

Look inside and know the truth; this light of hope you have become,

My son ..  for this … you’re born…


So now I stand and ask myself, am I worthy of this task ahead

Expectations, the stakes are high to mend the wounds of  years gone by

Are those who call, for blood to flow, so full of hatred, pugnacious breed

unwillingly … too blind to see

Time has set the stage, I can sense the fear, in all of those who stand with me

But even though, as all do know, a change must come, right all wrongs

This night I’m doubtful, the dawn I dread; leading into battle those I love

Soon we depart… for uncertain ends …


At times it seems that life itself, opposes those who least deserve

But never once, lose your faith, be confident life’s greater plan

Is one we cannot comprehend; it governs all it did create

So cast aside your doubts and fears, and trust your heart, it will guide you through

My son .. for this … you’re born …


Remember when you were growing up?

Always on top of things you were. So brave … fearless

You’ve never surrendered to anything or anyone.

That one day, Those years ago – Finding you, was fate’s design.

Raised you, taught you the best I knew,

and watched you grow so strong and wise.

Now the moment to fulfil your destiny in life ..

has arrived.


Your powers have matured my son, Don’t doubt yourself, Your leadership

is well accepted by all those, who’re sworn to follow without restraint.


My feelings tell me do take on, this challenge laid upon my path,

Your words have given strength and solace, what good is hope; if not confirmed?

Pandor & Serna;

Let this be known: The times of fear, will soon be over, will soon be gone

On red horizons a new age dawns, a world to care for and guarded well

For this … we rise … to fight! ..

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