In a private moment, Tayla contemplates all the events that have led her this far. From the dreadful experiences of the past to an uncertain life – always wary of a ruthless oppressor – and now meeting Pandor. Remembering an old prophecy hope fills her heart, hope that some day soon these ancient words will become a reality.




The Prophecy:

When darkened are the daytime skies, In the cold a troubled world then lies.

Out of balance, drenched in hate , The One will rise to change its fate.

To meek and pure a stranger He, For they are not His ancestry.

From the plains He will arise, Embodied wisdom, just and wise.

Bring light and ardour to a world maimed, And heal the wounds it has sustained.



My memories of days long gone ; the fear, the pain of loss I mourn

The day when all this came to pass and the golden sunlight faded fast.

Nine and twenty years ago ; a flash of light and down below

The Earth was turned inside-out as in terror and pain it wept aloud.


Hearken back to ancient times ; it was foretold, this one device

Would lead to chaos, lead to pain and one breed turning loss to gain.

The Prophecy it has revealed ; these darker days in dire need

Bring forth a champion to these lands to change the balance, to make a stand.

These times of madness have to end, arrived has He ; the Heaven sent

My mission stands ; the path ahead will lead to peace or certain death.


The chosen one has come to heal ; I will assist, my future sealed

It’s time to face our common  Foe ; I stand aside Him, our numbers grow …


All these years – have come and gone with darkness and fear.

My mind is set strong – My mission keeps me going on.

I’ve found the one to rescue us all – The circle broken now becomes whole.

His powers will cure this world – Our voices once again be heard.


Time is here – so I believe, solution is near.

An act of fate – With hope in play it’s never too late.

As prophets told us long ago – The light we all used to know.

It will shine again over these lands – The forces of evil banned.

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