a little background and the tracks

cryptic nature - koos After being an active songwriter, bassist, guitarist and vocalist in several bands I thought it was time to try out something radical: To create a Rock Opera on my own – from the writing and recording (and playing all  instruments myself) all the way to mixing and mastering the project – and find out if I could pull off something of this magnitude…

As it turned out it became a road littered with bumps and potholes, successes and falling flat on my face at times only to pick up the pieces and boldly continue – learning from the mistakes I’ve made – eventually finishing the whole thing.

Creatively and technically it is the accumulation of all my skills – composing arranging performing Sound designing mixing and mastering – and it has been a journey during which I’ve improved on my know-how, learned a lot of new things got to know some wonderful people along the way!

Band:   Koos Thönissen – Guitars, Synths, Basses & Fretless Bass, Mandolin, Percussion, Vibra Slap, Didgeridoo, Skull Drums & Soundscapes.
Guest musicians – Jeroen van den Biggelaar : Lead guitar on Certamen Ultimus, Ron van Rhee : Flutes on Consulting Serna.

Vocals: Sascha Burchardt as Pandor, Emmelie van Deurzen as Tayla, Jacqueline van Elsbergen as Serna, Cathy van der Valk as Ieeryah. Koos Thönissen as Nebucor, Krolok, Oomat & the Sage.
Backing vocals by Emmelie van Deurzen, Anita Alberts & Koos Thönissen.
Special appearance by Huw Lloyd Jones as Teelon.
Narration by Ian Jillings.



Release date and artwork!

cryptic nature - pandorWe are very proud to present to you the front cover artwork for the Pandor album. It was made by the famous Blekkmark studio from Sweden! The album will be released on Oktober 27 by Rock Company and it is a double disc with 14 tracks.

More info about (pre) ordering soon!


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And just to whet your appetite; here a song from the coming album!