In a private moment, Tayla contemplates all the events that have led her this far. From the dreadful experiences of the past to an uncertain life – always wary of a ruthless oppressor – and now meeting Pandor. Remembering an old prophecy hope fills her heart, hope that some day soon these ancient words will become a reality.




The Prophecy:

When darkened are the daytime skies, In the cold a troubled world then lies.

Out of balance, drenched in hate , The One will rise to change its fate.

To meek and pure a stranger He, For they are not His ancestry.

From the plains He will arise, Embodied wisdom, just and wise.

Bring light and ardour to a world maimed, And heal the wounds it has sustained.



My memories of days long gone ; the fear, the pain of loss I mourn

The day when all this came to pass and the golden sunlight faded fast.

Nine and twenty years ago ; a flash of light and down below

The Earth was turned inside-out as in terror and pain it wept aloud.


Hearken back to ancient times ; it was foretold, this one device

Would lead to chaos, lead to pain and one breed turning loss to gain.

The Prophecy it has revealed ; these darker days in dire need

Bring forth a champion to these lands to change the balance, to make a stand.

These times of madness have to end, arrived has He ; the Heaven sent

My mission stands ; the path ahead will lead to peace or certain death.


The chosen one has come to heal ; I will assist, my future sealed

It’s time to face our common  Foe ; I stand aside Him, our numbers grow …


All these years – have come and gone with darkness and fear.

My mind is set strong – My mission keeps me going on.

I’ve found the one to rescue us all – The circle broken now becomes whole.

His powers will cure this world – Our voices once again be heard.


Time is here – so I believe, solution is near.

An act of fate – With hope in play it’s never too late.

As prophets told us long ago – The light we all used to know.

It will shine again over these lands – The forces of evil banned.





Intimidated by the sheer scope of what is expected of him, a doubtful Pandor seeks counsel from Serna. She feels his anguish but also knows that this is the path Pandor has to follow. Her wisdom and soothing words make Pandor accept the inevitable and put his mind to rest, finding strength to move on and fulfil the ancient prophecy.





Mother please enlighten me, a heavy heart carries me tonight;

How troubled souls can lay all hope upon just one to make things right?

Years of darkness have made them yearn for words of old becoming true

So desperate …..  they  believe…

So great the challenge to lead them on towards a future ambiguous

How many lives will there be lost in seeking truce on battlegrounds

Have I the right to sacrifice, am I the one to send them out

To fight a war ….. to die for me?


The choice to lead in troubled times, is not for the chosen to agree.

It’s never open to debate, but commissioned by mere twist of fate.

A modest soul allowed to grow and change the course of history

Look inside and know the truth; this light of hope you have become,

My son ..  for this … you’re born…


So now I stand and ask myself, am I worthy of this task ahead

Expectations, the stakes are high to mend the wounds of  years gone by

Are those who call, for blood to flow, so full of hatred, pugnacious breed

unwillingly … too blind to see

Time has set the stage, I can sense the fear, in all of those who stand with me

But even though, as all do know, a change must come, right all wrongs

This night I’m doubtful, the dawn I dread; leading into battle those I love

Soon we depart… for uncertain ends …


At times it seems that life itself, opposes those who least deserve

But never once, lose your faith, be confident life’s greater plan

Is one we cannot comprehend; it governs all it did create

So cast aside your doubts and fears, and trust your heart, it will guide you through

My son .. for this … you’re born …


Remember when you were growing up?

Always on top of things you were. So brave … fearless

You’ve never surrendered to anything or anyone.

That one day, Those years ago – Finding you, was fate’s design.

Raised you, taught you the best I knew,

and watched you grow so strong and wise.

Now the moment to fulfil your destiny in life ..

has arrived.


Your powers have matured my son, Don’t doubt yourself, Your leadership

is well accepted by all those, who’re sworn to follow without restraint.


My feelings tell me do take on, this challenge laid upon my path,

Your words have given strength and solace, what good is hope; if not confirmed?

Pandor & Serna;

Let this be known: The times of fear, will soon be over, will soon be gone

On red horizons a new age dawns, a world to care for and guarded well

For this … we rise … to fight! ..





Strengthened by Serna’s words of advice, Pandor feels confident He can lead the Dragons and end the Molgar’s reign of terror once and for all. With Tayla ever at his side and an army of thousands behind them, the final battle is about to take place.





If the only way to make them see …… is war

Our objective hails from the southern desert floor

The netherworld has to be driven back

From this day forth no one has to fear the shadows, they’ll be gone


High we fly on wings of hope and destiny

A  force unseen in years united closing in

Upon the enemies’ stronghold we gaze

Moving in to finish off the ones accountable for years of suffering.


Seeking out the root of evil, have it stand accused

Punishment is due for those whose deeds have scarred us all

Fight for freedom, fight for peace, a life deprived of pain

In the light respect and love will shape a reborn world


Engaged in battle’s horrid scenes of death and loss

Hard we strike, the second wave makes a final turn

Acting fast, through claw and flame released

The scourge of justice lashing out to cleanse a bitter darkened realm


Chorus :


Evil slain,  Freedom at last

A price to be paid,  The grim face of  war

Sad remains, Tell us now :

See and learn,  Learn to see





After winning the final battle it is time for all to start rebuilding and restoring everything  that was destroyed in the years of darkness. Any reminder of the Molgar occupation are removed and the wounded are cared for, the Unicorn’s knowledge of herbs ensure a rapid recovery in most cases. The spring rains have washed away the ash and dirt, leaving  fertile soil to be warmed by the life giving sun. Plants are emerging and within the blink of an eye the earth is once more flourishing with a lush veil of vegetation, colour and scents.




Pandor ;

Returning to once our home, torn down and destroyed by war.

Featureless foreboding landscape, make way as a new age illuminate

Tayla ;

Here we are, one, and step forward today, intent on leading the way.

Released from decades of oppression we stand, fast in our beliefs.

Pandor ;

Learning from past mistakes, an insight paid in blood and tears.

Communication not turning away make this a healthy working society.

Free from the veil of darkness, the land in time will regain its life.

Rejoin what has been broken, new bonds are forged to hold.

Tayla ;

True love has brought together, two hearts forever beating as one.

Love’s magic it never surrendered, and came out as strong as ever before.

Pandor ;

Care for the land and care for each other, a peaceful way to co-exist.

Mistrust and days of anguish, are things of a past soon to forget.


Chains no longer hold us down, here we stand set free

Freedom smiles upon us all, now that we’ve made peace


Once again now we shall soar, Ride the winds of change

Behold friends pass yonder gorge, proudly stride the lands


Restore locations lost – share the load together – As we heal the world

Dark times we’ll soon forget – Leave it all behind – As we heal the world

Face forward from here on – Turn and face the future – As we heal this world

Grey ash washed away – Watch the rain come down – As it cleans the world

Sunshine warm and bright – The vegetation grows – In a reborn world

Once more the light reveals – A multitude of colours – Of a world made whole