In a long forgotten past the earth belonged to a wise and powerful beast ; The mighty Dragon. It’s world would leave modern man awestruck: Lush forests, rolling green hills, endless plains, streams and lakes of the purest water and dazzling mountain ranges.

Living under the Dragon’s sky meant peace and safety from a dangerous primeval region, located at the southern frontier of the great Kingdom. And the Dragons ruled fair, their shadow gliding gracefully over the lands and times were good.
This is a tale of Pandor, born into this world and destined to become the greatest leader ever known to any creature alive. His heroic deeds would echo through time like waves on the oceans.

It is of these glorious times I wish to speak to you. Come, let me take you now into a world of miracle and wonder; a world beyond imagination…..




Far to the North a massive range of mountains rises from the Earth : Aenoor. It’s awe inspiring Towers, ridges and plateaus of granite, emerald and azure stretch out seemingly without end. Glistening in the Sun they form the Kingdom of the Dragons, Who regard this region as the Sacred cradle of their Species and most of all, their home.





Free under stars –  serene and bright

Our Kingdom shines –  it’s mountains high

‘Tis where our heart forever lies,

Forever lies.


Born of the earth  –  in ancient times

This great expanse –  touching the skies

Here on our heart forever lies,

Never we stray.


From endless lands – to oceans wide

Always return  –  from journeys far

Not ever stray from this our home,

Here’s where rest

4. Glynyd

4. Glynyd


The sun rises over the outstretched green pastures and forests of Glynyd. Among the various creatures who live here are the Unicorns. They greet the new day with reverence and joy, as they are on their way to graze in the meadows.




Teelon :

Dawn arrives, upon the plain, we greet the morning.

The summer dew, the early haze, from the forest we’ll emerge.

This day awakes, it’s warm embrace, gently waves the branches.

The air a sweet, lavender scent, and the sun takes to the sky.


To all of us, who walk this earth, and soar the heavens.

All around, the pulse of life, beats a drum of wealth and joy.

As we face, another day, oh blessed and rich.

Free to range, the woods and fields, of this wondrous world we share.


Walking as one, see us give love and care.

Pure of heart, strong-willed and fair.

Single horn, our crown, a message to all:

Come times of need we’ll answer your call.


From time of old unto this day, we’re known the healers.

A race benign with a gift divine to alleviate all pain.

Trust we’ve gained, don’t step away from the weak and helpless.

Of noble breed, our acts indeed give solace far and wide.




The Molgar,  illusive, hostile and living underground, are a race of miners. They have built entire cities deep within the earth’s crust and form an industrial society. The fact that their exploits destroy much of the surface environment does not concern them in any way. Their main goal is to ever expand their Empire and harvest the world’s natural treasures and resources.




Krolok :

So deep below the unforgiving land, The massive pounding beat is ever felt.

Of mighty moving burrowing Machines, Their sharp and hungry teeth eating away,

By crushing solid Rock face we’ll proceed, as done so by the clans in years and years gone by


From deep inside the earth do we command, To alter shape and form to our will

Volcanoes fire, channel out our waste, new space created to accommodate

Expanding cities, tunnel systems make, An empire submerged in giant

Caves we’ve built


Industrial nation’s advance  – Perpetual growth it demands

Machines run continuously – Consuming, relocate, proceed.

Our dealings kept to us alone – We harvest the world which we own.


The days eye we don’t ever get to see, It’s detrimental blinding light it keeps

Us locked away until the night arrives, Then hunt begins to challenge those outside.

Mephitic surface dwellers we despise, The Dregan beast, the Isean creature soil our realm.


We are the Masters of the inner world, Reshape the planet’s face as we desire.

No one would dare oppose our mighty force , Such act would suffer grave defeat.




After witnessing the complete and utter obliteration of what was once the great city of Gol Matoo, Oomat – Military chief in Command – ignites into a rage. Holding the Dragons responsible, his passionate speeches incite the Molgar population to start an all out war against the creatures living on the surface : Nothing shall be spared.






The slaughter of our folk a filthy treachery.

The flying demon’s call preceded misery.

Upon this foul act we must retaliate.

The life above we now will simply decimate.



Caelan  arising – destroying their precious homes.

Death to the beast – In darkness we shall march.

Thirsty for blood   – We colour the surface red.

Strike with a vengeance – Once we’re done they all will be gone.


From the north out of the sky, descending on our land.

Invading force they came below,  our city had to fall.

Breathing death into the caves,  a sea of flame destroys.

Gol Matoo forever gone,  a burning crypt we face.

Suffer loss the pain it screams, tears apart our souls.

In rage and horror witnessing, destruction so complete.

Bodies mutilated lie, charred and crushed below.

Ael Hathor it shall reply  , a call to arms is sent.


We’ll march upon our enemy with steady stride.

Bred worker-warriors we only will abide.

By laws that tell us ours to gain is ours to rule.

And utilizing well this here our given tool.


Us keepers of the earth we’ll set its forces free.

A rain of rock and fire is the last they’ll see.

This mighty war machine at full capacity,

Will run to shape the world, as it’s supposed  to be:

From the inner core, We’ll march the canyon floor

In darkness we arrive, To punish those alive




From the inner core,  We’ll march the canyon floor.

In darkness we arrive,  to punish those alive.

Destruction we shall bring,  on surface-living thing.




As the Molgar are roaming the land and killing every single animal they find, they cross paths with the Dragon Ieeryah who has just enough time to hide her egg from the ruthless murderers. In the fight that ensues she manages to lead the Molgar away from her offspring but she herself gets mortally wounded by a stab from the enemy’s long sword. Her last words are addressed to her unborn child…





Dear child, my life here ends this day,

the minions of darkness have so ordained.

How it saddens me to never lay eyes on you,

how does it hurt not being able to raise you and care for you,

my last tears I shed for you

Know in your heart that I love you and feel my spirit ever watching over you.


My child, in these final moments I see your future unfold before me

and what I see fills my soul with happiness and pride.

You will have many great deeds to your name,

and your name, it shall be Pandor – bringer of light and peace –

it will be known to all who inhabit this world.


Child, do not give up on hope. Not ever.

Cherish the divine gift of life.

And until we are all reunited in the great hereafter I bid thee farewell….




Evading  Molgar murderers, Serna – a Unicorn from the Glynyd plains – walks upon a gruesome scene : A slaughtered Dragon lying dead on the forest floor and her hatchling – no more than a few hours old – desperately trying to get his mother’s attention. Appalled by what she sees, Serna decides to take the little Dragon with her and raise him.





Little one so cold and lost, alone you face this world.

Fallen prey to this ordeal, I see your eyes read fear.

What evil power’s taken hold, brought darkness to us all.

If innocence is meant to die, our children’s life denied.

Then quietly…..

We’ll fade away…..


My heart is torn to see your pain, I cannot leave you be.

You’re barely old enough to face, the challenges ahead.

A mother’s care you’ll need right now; a mother you shall have.

I’m taking you away from harm, and raise you like my own.


In a family….



Tears retain – The memories of freedom that we’ve lost.

Times must change –  These dire days won’t lead to any future.


Newborn life deserves a chance, even in a world gone mad.

A spark of mirth for all to see, a tiny light that gives,

Some love to all the hearts it touches, and make us all forget.

The hardship and the pain we suffer, if only for a while.


Of better days….




My heart is torn to see your pain, just cannot leave you be.

You’re barely old enough to face, the challenges ahead.

A mother’s care you’ll need right now, and a mother you shall have.

I’m taking you away from harm, and raise you like my own.


In a family….




Twenty-three years have passed since he was adopted and found a safe haven among the Unicorns. Pandor – Wandering the edges of the wastelands –  sees a lone Dragon being cornered and outnumbered  in a skirmish with a Molgar hunting party. He immediately comes to her aid. Together they manage to ward them off and she introduces herself as Tayla, living on the once so great Aenoor mountains. It’s the beginning of a life-long friendship.




i – unfair


As I cross the western arid plains, A noise draws my attention to a canyon floor.

There’s Molgar cornering a Dragon fair, Outnumbered she can’t escape unscathed.

I act on instinct jump into the fray, Together we can send these Molgar on their way.

She fights aggressive, skilful moves repel, Blows from many angles meant to kill.

ii – the fight


Here we are strangers to one another – A nemesis from the deep we take on.

I am Tayla from Aenoors great mountains – Defending all that is left of our race.

Our Kingdom once mighty and bright –  Scorn by forces of darkness and fear.

Let us now dissolve this here conflict – Side by side we’ll vanquish it’s cause.

Pandor & Tayla:

Cowards seek out the weak or the single – An easy target to pester and maim.

Hard the lesson today they’ll be learning : The circle closes on their own demise.

iii – the acquaintance


I am Pandor from the Glynyd plains, my roots were severed by this violent race.

They’ve killed my family before my birth, My future stolen by a heinous act.

But fate did smile and sent along, One meek and pure from the healers clan.

She turned the tables on a certain end, And raising me amongst her own.


The tale you tell I know all too well, My world destroyed leaving me alone.

Among our own an infant still, Their efforts keeping me away from harm.

Taught me history and battle skills, Awoke the spirits revealing me

The sacred values of life itself, A code to live by just and wise.


The search of my descent has led me here, I wish to learn about my race.

My guardian has told me all she knows, but many things left unexplained.

Questions haunt me, leave me restless, Demanding answers and be resolved.

I want to find out who I am, To be complete to be at peace.


Then come with me I can teach you all, you will not find any answers here.

High in the mountains thought destroyed, Our secrets lie safe and guarded well.

I’ll take you there so you can learn, About our ways and our legacy.

When all the parts fall into place, Your quest is over, you’re home.




A stranger to the ways of his own race, Pandor finds a teacher in Tayla. Her efforts give him insight and make him fully understand the life of a Dragon, a life taken from him years ago.





Walk into this world uncommon to you,

Because you’ve been kept safe afar.

The healers meant well  but they could not tell you

All of the Aenorian lore.


I know of the ways I was taught on the plains,

A life,  of care and love.

Revealed to me all they knew of my race,

But still,  I have so many questions.




The ways of our kind, so distant and far I will teach you.

Pandor:    Teach me all.

Of mountains our home, it’s where we belong I shall teach you.

Pandor:    Teach me now.

Wisdom of one comes from knowledge he gathers a life long.

Pandor:      So it’s told.

A path laid out so clear to see, you just have to follow.

Pandor:     Lead me on.


You’re learning fast in days that passed

Few things are left to tell.

Your skills indeed, a new hope they feed

To see forth a future so bright.


To reach inside their hearts and minds,

To spark their inner flame.

So how can one then move so many,

A stranger to their eye?




The ways of our kind, so distant and far I will teach you.

Pandor:    Teach me all.

Of mountains our home, it’s where we belong I shall teach you.

Pandor:    Teach me now.

Wisdom of one comes from knowledge he gathers a life long.

Pandor:      So it’s told.

A path laid out so clear to see, you just have to follow.

Pandor:     Lead me on.